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Jeep Fest
What is Jeep Fest?

Martin Zuniga, Rickey Zuniga, and James Michael Collett from West Texas had been riding together for a few years and decided to start a Jeep Club. January of 2011 saw the incarnation of this club. By August of 2011 our club was going strong and we decided to celebrate and invite any and all other 4x4 enthusiasts out there. We tried to include everything we love into this celebration, Off-roading, Music, BBQ, Family, Friends, and mud...Jeep Fest was born.

This year come help us celebrate our 7th annual Jeep Fest on October 5th - 7th 2018!  Show up and experience off roading West Texas style on a ranch that Rock Hard Jeep Club has exclusive wheeling rights to.  All 4x4 are welcome!  We love Ford Broncos, Chevy Blazers, Scouts, Yotas, etc.

4x4 rigs join us for rock crawling & trail riding on a ranch that Rock Hard Jeep Club has exclusive rights to:
We had other events and tournaments throughout the day and tried to have something for everyone.
October 4-6 2019

Flyers From Past Jeep Fest Below​​
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